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Archlitectural Rendering

Architecture is the epitome of time, history and emotional art of a city. While architectural hand drawing records a prototype of the city, and architectural rendering allows people to touch the deep soul of the city and it records the conversation between us and the city.


3D Animation

For us, architectural animation is the creative work like a traveling experience, as if a playback of time. Start from a camera angle, seeking presentation spaces with creative spirit , from which integrating ourselves into the created world to feel the true architectural life.


Multimedia Exhibition

The wide application of new technologies in future generations, the perfect combination of physical and digital, visual and auditory shock. More to let the audience to participate in the experience of high-tech, is widely used in large enterprises, real estate enterprises, government exhibition hall, etc..

广西梧州苍海项目展示中心 LED+200平方数字沙盘(6).JPG

Physical Model

Physical model is actually a tiny world. The word “tiny” has its own implication that being treasure of the greatest value. Thus,we have never taken physical model as only a model or just scaled-down thing. Even for tiny thing, as long as being given with our spirit of ingenuity.